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The mission of Portuguese Association of Resorts (APR) is to promote the development of Portuguese companies and projects in the Residential Tourism sector.


APR was formed to unite and strengthen the sector of Residential Tourism making it more competitive.

The main objectives are:
  • Promotion and representation of their members in Portugal and overseas
  • To carry out studies /reports which help in the competitiveness of this sector.
  • To facilitate the connection with public and official entities such as the Ministry of Economy, the Secretary of State for Tourism and the Portuguese Tourism board, representing the interests of its members and proposing fiscal and promotional legislative measures.
  • To develop individually or with the Portugal Tourism board, international promotional campaigns to promote Portugal as a destination for purchasing a second home
The APR, with the union of its members and the production of information that attests to the importance of this sector, Residential Tourism can have a very important role in the future Portuguese economy, and will therefore be able to develop coordinated and professional actions in the coming years.

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