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What is the mission of the Portuguese Association of Resorts (APR), when was it formed and how many members does it consist of?

The mission of Portuguese Association of Resorts (APR) is to promote the image of Portuguese companies and projects in the Residential Tourism sector.

It was created in March 2011, consists of 28 members and comprises the leading largest Portuguese Resorts, either already in operation or under development.

What are the objectives of the APR?

- Promotion and representation of their members in Portugal and overseas;
- To carry out studies /reports which help in the competitiveness of this sector;
- To facilitate the connection with public and official entities such as the Ministry of Economy, the Secretary of State for Tourism and the Portuguese Tourism board, representing the interests of its members and proposing fiscal and promotional legislative measures;
- To develop individually or with the Portugal Tourism board, international promotional campaigns to promote Portugal as a destination for purchasing a second home.

Who are the members of the APR?

What is required to become a member of the APR?

Resorts should be of a high quality (1) with the following characteristics: the sale of properties, accommodation rentals, restaurants, client services, hotel, golf, beach, sports, etc..

The sale in Residential Tourism should be the core business of the company and the company should have as a quality reference, an average sales value of 2500 euros per m2.

It is not mandatory for a Tourism Resort to be already in operation to become a Member of the APR. However, the APR reserves the right to analyse potential members and normally accepts projects which are under development,   and are foreseen to be based on the characteristics mentioned above.

The decision to admit each new member or not is assigned by the Board of Directors.
Any refusal will be substantiated and informed accordingly.

(1) Some members of the APR may not fit in with these characteristics, as at the time of their formation the format of the Tourism Resort was  different.

( ie:  Lusort, Vale do Lobo and Quinta do Lago)

What are the advantages of being a member?

- To receive information and reports on a regular basis relevant to the sector;
- To be updated on new legislation and to participate in the proposal of new ideas to present to official entities / state;
- To participate in two annual meetings with all the members, where the topics relevant to this sector are to be discussed;
- To have information about your Resort available on the website of APR and consequently the site of the Portugal Tourism board www.livinginportugal.com.

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